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'My Best Friend': New Hampshire Humane Society's Solution to the National Veterinarian Shortage

In a world where our furry companions play an integral role in our lives, their health and well-being are of utmost importance. However, the national shortage of veterinarians has made it increasingly challenging for pet owners to access affordable and timely care for their beloved animals. In response to this growing concern, New Hampshire Humane Society was proud to create "My Best Friend Pet Care Program" offering a range of affordable services aimed at ensuring your best friend receives the care they deserve.

The scarcity of veterinarians across the nation has led to longer wait times and increased costs for pet care. Recognizing this issue, New Hampshire Humane Society took the initiative to establish My Best Friend, a program designed to bridge the gap in veterinary services. By offering a variety of essential pet care services at more affordable prices, we aim to make quality veterinary care accessible, without compromising on the standard of service.

Application Process:

To access the services of the My Best Friend Pet Care Program, interested pet owners can fill out an application form. Prices for the different services are outlined in the link below and on the website page at Due to the overwhelming response and volume of applications, we appreciate your patience as we strive to accommodate every furry friend in need. Rest assured, we are committed to providing prompt and compassionate care for all applicants.

Pet Care Services Menu:

My Best Friend offers a comprehensive range of pet care services to cater to the diverse needs of our four-legged companions. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, our services include:

  • Spay and Neuter Surgeries - Promoting responsible pet ownership and population control.

  • Rabies & Distemper Vaccines - Essential vaccinations to protect your pet from life-threatening diseases.

  • Microchip Implants - Ensuring the safety and identification of your pet in case they are lost.

  • Ear Cleaning & Nail Trims - Maintaining your pet's hygiene and overall well-being.

  • General Check-ups - Regular health assessments to detect and address potential issues early.

  • Basic Wellness Exams - A holistic approach to your pet's overall health and happiness.

  • Blood Tests & Fecal Exams - Diagnostic services to monitor and manage your pet's health.

  • End of Life Care - Compassionate support and care during difficult times.

At New Hampshire Humane Society, we believe every pet deserves the best care possible. Regardless of financial constraints or the shortage of veterinarians, we will do what we can to help. My Best Friend is our commitment to ensuring your furry companions receive the attention and care they need to live happy, healthy lives. We look forward to welcoming you and your best friend soon and making a positive impact on the well-being of pets in our community. Together, we can overcome the challenges of the veterinarian shortage and create a brighter future for our beloved pets.



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