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Laconia, N.H. (September 15, 2021) – In light of the recent departure of the medical director at New Hampshire Humane Society, Meredith Place Veterinary Emergency (MVER) has been engaged to provide veterinary services to help ensure that N.H. Humane can fully attend to the animals that are currently under their care. This service is currently in place to ensure that all animals at N.H. Humane receive the attention they need and deserve.

“At N.H. Humane we thank all current and past employees and volunteers for their selfless commitment to animal care, to our mission of finding responsible and caring forever homes, and providing shelter for lost, abandoned and unwanted animals,” said Charles Stanton, Executive Director of New Hampshire Humane. “We are grateful for the work everyone does here to fulfill this mission and always put the care of our animals at the forefront and believe the interim veterinary solution with MVER is a great alignment. We will use this as an opportunity to review and refine our organizational structure.”

The formal partnership with MVER in Meredith includes having Dr. Ashley Dunn serve as interim staff veterinarian.

"N.H. Humane provides such an important role in our community for the welfare of homeless animals and it is a privilege to assist the organization in that mission as part of this new partnership with MVER, Dr. Dunn said. “Since my career in animal welfare started with shelter medicine, I am excited to be part of this set of solutions for the organization.”

Additionally, N.H. Humane announced that Shayla Donnelly, a current employee, has been promoted to take on additional responsibilities in the daily operation and management of the organization.

“Dr. Dunn, Shayla Donnelly, and MVER bring a wealth of animal welfare knowledge to the organization, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to add these compassionate and dedicated professionals to our expanding team,” Stanton said. “Having these resources in place will allow us to be very thoughtful about how we approach the search for a full-time veterinarian while reviewing our overall organizational structure in line with future expansion plans that are in the works.”

As part of that expansion, N.H. Humane recently announced that it is rolling out its new Humane Education program. This new effort will focus on teaching the importance of kindness to animals and each other through guided interaction with animals. It includes hiring a field investigator who will focus on abuse and neglect cases as well as dog fighting and puppy mill investigations. An announcement is also forthcoming on a newly hired Animal Pathway Manager to assist in expediting animals getting through our system and into loving homes.

About N.H. Humane Society: Founded in 1900, N.H. Humane Society (N.H. Humane) is dedicated to finding loving homes and providing shelter for lost, abandoned, and unwanted animals. NHHS works tirelessly to prevent cruelty to animals, implements educational programs, and provides services to promote responsible pet ownership and the human-animal bond. Located in Laconia, N.H. Humane has the fourth highest adoption rate in New England.



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