Get Ahead Of The Second Wave
Spay or neuter your pet

Female cats and dogsexperience two heat cycles a year; generally in the spring and again later summer, early autumn. That pesky cycle when they are completely receptive to the ministrations of travelling males, lasts about three weeks in total. Quite the headaches for owners to ensure no unwanted litters ensue.
Take the worry and annoyance out of policing your pets by spaying the females and neutering the males. 
Do you need help accessing veterinary care for this procedure?
If so, apply to S.N.A.P (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) or if you are in real financial stress take a look at our P.A.W. program (Pet Animal Welfare) created by a benefactor for those who meet the criteria.

Sterilizing your pet will ensure a healthier life free of the burden of constant kitten or puppy reproduction, call us for details. 

Old dogs need love too

New Hampshire Humane Society is a resource for the community; sometimes the community requires more from us than at other times.
Right now we find our shelter looks a little like a retirement home for elderly dogs. These loving canines shouldn’t have to reside in their twilight years at the shelter.
Some have been left with us, abandoned with a note, others brought to the shelter after their owners passed away, and one or two have been rescued so they may have a second chance.
Cooper, Bear, Zak, Cody, Frosty, and Leigh – a special group of canines who simply need a soft placed to rest a weary head. These older dogs still have hearts full of love. Special adoption fees apply.
"Old soldiers never die, they just fade away"
- General Douglas McArthur  
Can you help us find our forever homes?