Do They Know It's Christmas?

Greetings & Salutations,
I ask you to consider this...'Do they know it's Christmas?' As we cuddle and enjoy our own pets this holiday season, warm, safe, and loved, please give a thought to those who will not fare so well. The lucky ones who arrive at our door have endured fear, uncertainty, the ache of an empty belly.
As people who care about the welfare of the lost, abused, neglected, and unwanted creatures, can we not spread a little joy? At Christmastime we let in light and banish shade...raising animals out of the darkness of despair and loneliness. If you would take a moment to read just three stories of animals who came to us this year: Trooper, Snow White, Mustard. What if they had not the opportunity to come to our shelter?
We look forward to a New Year and back upon a year of many lives saved. In your world of kindness and joy, please help us continue the mission, finding forever homes for the puppies and kittens, cats and dogs that call our shelter home. Donate Today
We shall never know the circumstancesof the auto accident that left trooper paralyzed and confined to a doggie wheelchair.
As a special needs dog, his future looked bleak at the Mid-West shelter he was living at, hence their plea: "We can't find him a home. Please will you take him?" So began Trooper's journey.
He came to New Hampshire in July, quickly endearing himself to staff and volunteers.
Trooper epitomizes the 'dogs live in the moment' theory. X-rays revealed a horrifically damaged spine - tough to look at frankly, but Trooper ambulated with his special wheels and just kept putting one paw in front of the other, all the while smiling broadly.
Our veterinarian assured us he had no feeling below the fracture point and was not in any pain or discomfort. He did need a special management at our shelter however, but watching him trundle about in the lush green grass of our exercise pen, was a sight to behold.
He showcased his story and in record time a local family stepped forward to adopt him. The husband is a law enforcement official with a Police dog as a partner. Trooper met the off duty dog-cop and made another friend. The wife is a nurse, well able to handle the medical needs of this wonderful dog. We were honored and humbled by the kindness of this local couple who opened their hearts and home to such a special dog.
Snow White
Imagine the horror of looking out your window during a particularly vicious blasting of subzero winter to see the unmoving frozen body of a helpless little cat. With trepidation, venturing out in appalling weather, the cat, whom we named Snow White, arrived under the careful handling of a very special animal steward. None of us knew if she would survive.
Miraculously Snow White clung to life. Barely breathing, sporadic pulse, no reflexes, severelyhypothermic, our veterinary team began intensive interventional care, placing her in our donated incubator, to warm slowly. Skilled care and a recently purchased fluid warming machine literally brought this helpless little creature back from death's door...
Show White recovered completely, possibly using up at least one of her feline nine lives. Joyously we approved her adoption to the kindly savior who took that first step to help save her life that fateful day.
When creatures arrive at our door, oftentimes they are in very poor shape suffering debilitating malnutrition, ravaged by undiagnosed and untreated illness. Mustard, an elderly long haired grey and white tabby was one such animal.
Found by a kindly stranger he came to NHHS for care. Noted that he was very thin, and obviously sick, our treatment over many weeks included blood work ups, a multi focused regime of antibiotics, ultrasound, and more. After months of care, Mustard grew worse, not better. He did not rally as we had hoped - we could not relieve his suffering. Mustard had a mass in his liver - incurable and painful.
New Hampshire Humane Society sometimes is the last home for the lost, abandoned, neglected and simply unwanted. Mustard crossed the Rainbow Bridge with tenderness and gentleness loved to the end, cared for with compassion until his last, quite breath. At least he did not fade alone and afraid on the streets. He is now at peace.